BioAustinCTX Announces Board of Director Leadership Changes

AUSTIN, TX – 01 April 2022 – Life Science industry organization, BioAustinCTX, announced today changes to its Board of Directors with the departure of Elisa Maldonado-Holmertz and the appointment of Tami Annable. Over the past several years, Austin and the Central Texas region have developed into one of the fastest-growing life science hubs in the U.S. With more than 240 companies and a variety of community ecosystem organizations involved in building the life science sector, Central Texas emerged as a life science innovation wellspring attracting investment for early-stage startups and relocations for established companies. BioAustinCTX serves as the premier membership organization facilitating the growth of the life science industry in Central Texas by fostering communication, collaboration and engagement across all key stakeholders.
Elisa Maldonado-Holmertz, served on the Board of Directors for BioAustinCTX since 2017. Elisa’s leadership and countless hours of support helped to guide the strategic direction and tactical execution of the organization throughout her entire tenure. Elisa played a principal role in producing the monthly BioAustinCTX/TMDA newsletter and coordinating BioAustinCTX’s BioBash, the most successful life science industry networking event in Central Texas for more than a decade. Scott Collins, President of BioAustinCTX stated, “ Elisa’s dedication and contributions to the evolution of BioAustinCTX are greatly appreciated and we wish her great success on her future endeavors.”
Tami Annable joins the BioAustinCTX Board of Directors effective 01 April 2022. Tami is a well-known member of the life science industry in Central Texas having previously served as the Executive Director of the Temple Health and Bioscience Economic Development District Incubator for the past six years. Tami brings a wealth of professional experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry as well as operational experience working with life science startup companies.
BioAustinCTX is undertaking an expanding range of initiatives and programs supporting continued growth of the life science industry with the goal of establishing the region as a global life sciences economic hub. This evolving strategy will encompass new programs to build collaboration, communication, and growth across companies, community partners, and academic institutions focused on the life science sector.
About BioAustinCTX – BioAustinCTX is a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas focused on advancing the life science industry in the Central Texas Region. Visit BioAustinCTX for more information, email: [email protected]