Membership Benefits

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BioAustinCTX provides membership plans for individual professionals, early stage, mid-tier and large companies, service providers and life science ecosystem community partners.  Membership benefits include:

  • Cost savings program for business and lab needs
  • Increased publicity/company awareness
  • Networking events at reduced or no cost
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Access to exclusive content and insights
  • Training and education programs
  • The opportunity to contribute

Product and Service Discount Purchasing Programs

BioAustinCTX members are provided the opportunity to purchase a broad range of laboratory equipment and supplies, office products and business services at group discount rates providing significant savings. Select the product or service programs you would like to use and follow the instructions for registration.

Connecting You to Your Community

BioAustinCTX is committed to helping its members stay connected and up-to-date on industry information through networking events, conferences, breaking news and other means to facilitate collaboration.

BioBash Networking Events

The BioAustinCTX BioBash events have been the premier life science industry networking event for more than a decade in Central Texas.  Your membership benefits provide you the opportunity to connect, share, learn, socialize and expand your network with life science industry colleagues.  BioBash events are held in notable venues around Austin several times during the year.  Watch for announcements on the next BioBash event in the monthly newsletter or visit the “Events” section of our website.  Contact Us if your organization is interested in sponsoring a BioBash event.

Seminar and Conference Events

BioAustinCTX and our Ecosystem Partners organize an expanding array of seminars, lunch and learn meetings and conference events throughout the year.  Members are invited to participate in these events on a no charge or nominal fee basis depending upon the event.  Watch for announcements on upcoming scheduled events in the monthly newsletter or visit the Events section of our website for more information.  Contact Us if your organization would like to host or sponsor a seminar or conference event.

Breaking News Updates

Members are invited to provide BioAustinCTX with your press release and we will notify the BioAustinCTX community and regional Texas Bios across the great State of Texas with an update and link to your press release.  You can also submit announcements or breaking news about your organization, achievements or publications for inclusion in our monthly newsletter.  Complete and submit this form to post your Breaking News in our monthly newsletter.

Events Calendar

BioAustinCTX members have access to a centralized Events Calendar tracking notable life science industry events at the local, regional and state level for a rolling six month time period.  Our “Events Calendar” organizes important life science industry events in one location, helps you stay aware of important events and makes it easier to find event details and connect to event organizers.  You can submit announcements about events for inclusion on the “Events Calendar” by completing or submitting this form.

Future Forums

BioAustinCTX will be developing future forms for its Members to access exclusive content, funding opportunities and facilitated collaboration. Stay tuned for updates on these future developments. If you are a service provider interested in offering a special deal to BioAustinCTX members, please contact us.