Meet the Team

Scott Collins, PhD

Board of Directors President

I am passionate about eliminating the world’s problems through new and existing technologies alike. Most recently, I have applied this to human health. I can visualize the various pathways from technology creation to sustainable market, and guide companies more expeditiously towards success. I hate seeing companies flounder and technologies die on the vine. I like bringing clarity to ambiguity.

I am an experienced startup executive with cross-industry expertise spanning corporate formation through sale. I bring a multi-perspective approach to success, drawing from knowledge in entrepreneurship, biotechnology, tissue and organ engineering, biofabrication, communications, and software development. I am a creative out-of-the-box thinker who can combine existing technologies and novel innovations to sustainably solve problems and improve processes.

Tami Annable

Board of Directors Member

Tami brings more than 30 years of cancer research and expertise along with her in the journey to bring life sciences to central Texas. Tami’s passion for helping people motivated her to start a career in medical science. Given the opportunity to do cancer research as a bench scientist, Tami worked on breast, ovarian, prostate, and liver cancer and then immunotherapy. Tami currently serves as a founding member of TEXGHS. A native New Yorker, Tami worked as a research scientist for Lederle Laboratories (now Pfizer) in New York and then moved to La Jolla, CA to work for Genomics Institute of Novartis Research and Pharmaceuticals. Combining her background expertise and passion for helping others, Tami focuses on supporting promising biotech companies who need mentorship, support, seed funding and resources to produce exciting medical solutions. She founded a college intern program with local entrepreneurs and was on the P-20 Central Texas Regional Council P20 – The P-20 Central Texas Texas Regional Council. ( In her tenure, Tami initiated a multitude of virtual and in-person educational programs for life science startup companies, as well as yearly conferences for the life science community.  Tami is on the Board of Directors of the Central Texas Veterans Research Foundation and is a practicing Rotarian.

Timothy Sullivan

Board of Directors Member

A technology innovator and entrepreneur, I have created constructive disruptive technologies, products and services and grown more than a half dozen companies in several industry sectors over four decades. I have been granted 30+ US and international patents in the field of therapeutic drug and biologic delivery, my passion for over a decade has been the development and commercialization of advanced pharmaceutical drug/device combination products that protect the quality of human life.

Specialties: strategic foresight – see the big picture and higher order implications, innovate and commercialize breakthrough technologies, products and services that solve real-world problems, strategy development and execution, building and motivating high performance teams to make it happen.

A Special Thanks to Our Former Board Members

Elisa Maldonado-Holmertz

Board of Directors Member (2017 – March 2022)

A pragmatic healthcare industry specialist with experience in multinational biopharma and medical device industries at Pharmaco (now PPD), Pharmacia & Upjohn (now Pfizer), Aerocrine, Emergo Group. Leadership roles in both emerging and established markets (USA, Belgium, Sweden, P.R. China) spanning an array of indications and responsibilities, including Regulatory & Quality Affairs, Clinical Research, Reimbursement, Healthcare Writing, Marketing and Sales.

In addition to industry background, graduate work completed in Business Management and Health Economics. Elisa has several authorships and acknowledgments, including FDA Scientific Reports and submissions. Additionally, numerous presentations at CincyTech, Informa, InnoTech, Freescale Technology Forum, Plexus, DesignMed, and RAPS Convergence.