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January 21, 2022(1 event)

5:30 pm: Meet and Greet the Author: Heather Hedden

January 21, 2022

Heather Hedden, author of The Accidental Taxonomist, is a Data and Knowledge Engineer in the professional services team of Semantic Web Company, makers of PoolParty software for taxonomy, ontology, and knowledge graph management. Heather has been a taxonomist for over 26 years in various organizations and as an independent consultant. She is a sought-after speaker at knowledge conferences, and her taxonomy courses, offered through Hedden Information Management, are considered standard curricula for anyone entering the field.

January 22, 2022(1 event)

11:00 am: Striking a Balance: Family Caregiver Conference

January 22, 2022

This conference brings together local resources and national speakers to aid and educate family caregivers living in Central Texas.

About this event

The Striking a Balance: Family Caregiver Conference is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a Saturday in-person, keynote speaker event, luncheon, and information and resource fair.

For more information about the host agencies, please visit their websites: Area Agency on Aging of the Capital Area and AGE of Central Texas.

Keynote Speaker - Jan. 22, 2022

Chet Garner — creator, host, executive producer, and writer of The Daytripper, a five-time Emmy-award-winning program on PBS — will deliver an inspiring keynote address during lunch about finding local respite options and enjoying your life with your loved ones.

Garner was born and raised in Texas and loves storytelling. He brings the same enthusiasm to his speaking events that are seen in The Daytripper and aims to create contagious energy that will have every attendant walk away inspired and excited about Texas, day-tripping, and finding their passion in life. Garner is a graduate of UT-Austin and Baylor Law School. After practicing law for three years, he followed his passion to inspire his fellow Texans to appreciate the beauty, history, and food of Texas.

Nonprofits and businesses that support family caregivers will be onsite to share information about the resources they provide for caregivers and their loved ones.

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