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TMDA MedTech Supplier Summit:

Market Place Solutions from Bench to Bedside

February 17, 2022 from 2pm – 5pm CDT
Note: If you are a supplier, pls contact [email protected]


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Norton Rose Fulbright

BioBash is Back

The next BioAustinCTX BioBash will be held at the Still Austin Whiskey Co. on March 3 from 6-9pm. We’re adding an extra hour to this event to help make up for some lost time! BioBash is free for paid current members — both professional and corporate members, and $20 for non-member attendees. Sign up early to make sure you get a spot!

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Hemorai enables clinicians to extend acute care to the patient’s home via reliable continuous monitoring of clinical parameters including many that traditionally required a laboratory evaluation. We provide solutions that overall reduce the healthcare spend, while expanding access to care.

Hemorai is developer of solutions that include portable, non-invasive, and affordable devices to measure blood flow and oxygenation along with tissue metabolism in real time. The first product consists of a small wearable that reports real time blood volume and tissue metabolism changes, to help in clinical management of the critical patient from triage to treatment to disposition.

If you’re interested with helping Hemorai with clinical validation and product development, please contact us at [email protected].


Local Events

Feb 8 – NIIMBL Spring 2022 Virtual Internship, Career & Job Fair – Hosted by BioNTX

Feb 10 – Women in Tech Leadership Roundtable – Hosted by ATC

Feb 16 – Finance Leadership Dinner – Hosted by ATC

Multiple Dates

Gamify Health Apps for Robust User Engagement

Do you know the difference between mHealth gaming and gamified mHealth? Gamification refers to methodologies on how to booth engagement and retention for a specific purpose. In this sharing TechTalk, we shall discuss how gamification can be integrated into the mobile health solutions: challenges and opportunities.

Multiple Dates

Crypto & Blockchain Technology for Health Professionals & Others

Have you been wondering how to start in the crypto space? Is the world currency changing from fiat currency to digital currency? Would you be able to use cryptocurrency to pay for groceries, clothes, vehicles etc… Earn while you Learn about this growing block chain technology in a membership reward program that pays rewards to members based upon the value of membership package purchased.

Multiple Dates

Develop a Successful Healthcare Tech Startup Business Today!

Always wanted to start an Healthcare Tech Startup? Now we have a complete blueprint for you start your own Healthcare Tech Startup Business. During our tech startup program you will learn and navigate through tools, software, hardware, platforms, resources, projects, processes, methods and strategies to penetrate your own Healthcare Tech Startup Business into different market.s and industries. For more information visit our website at

Multiple Dates

Telemedicine Entrepreneurship Training & Workshop

Telemedicine means to provide with healthcare solutions over distance remotely with information technology. The telemedicine industry is a very promising industry with high demand in the coming years. Make an investment today and receive the proper training and market insights for delivering your own telemedicine startup into the market

Feb 15
10 am CST

Financial Negotiations – Part 1: Minority and Women Owned Businesses 

Under-served communities have consistently seen lack of funding support from the financial industry. Despite attempts by government and public policy, this challenge continues to divide American communities and our nation’s future. This presentation addresses the soft skills needed in requesting and borrowing money for minority and women owned businesses.

Feb 16
12 pm CST

(Re)Defining the Image of STEM

For too long, we have had this stereotypical image in our head of who can be and what exactly is a scientist. No longer should those stereotypes stand, for anyone can be in STEM. Learn how we can increase the representation of underrepresented groups in STEM and emphasize that THIS IS WHAT A SCIENTIST LOOKS LIKE!

Feb 17
2 – 5pm CST

TMDA MedTech Supplier Summit: Market Place Solutions from Bench to Bedside

We are inviting suppliers/vendors providing products/services across the entire medical device life cycle to participate in the TMDA Supplier Summit. TMDA industry participants and attendees are typically start-ups and small to medium size medical device manufacturers. Suppliers/Vendors may include, but are not limited to: device designers, validation testing labs, human factors testing, prototypers, contract manufacturers, regulatory consultants, quality consultants, etc. All suppliers and those seeking suppliers welcome!
Feb 22
10 am CST

Financial Negotiations – Part 2: All Businesses Accepting Loan Offers 

Negotiating a big loan contract and want to make sure you don’t leave money on the table? Take time to learn what negotiation skills can make a difference. This webinar will walk you through area of negotiation and business.

Mar 1 – 2
All Day CST

The 3rd Annual Life Science Women’s Conference

Imagine revitalizing yourself by engaging with and learning from some of the best and brightest women in the life sciences. Imagine that, when you speak, others listen intently and enter into important conversations with you, giving you new ideas, perspective, and motivation. Imagine making that life-changing connection in the sunny city of Tampa, FL.

The Life Science Women’s Conference (LSWC) creates an environment where women (working, or desiring to work in, all areas of life science) can network and collaborate with regard to entrepreneurship, professional development, inspiration, funding, career enhancement, scientific and technical updates.

Identify the obstacles women working in the life sciences face and work to remove them alongside us. We help alleviate the human resource and talent shortage that the life sciences face, while helping to ensure women reach their full potential. The event is March 1st & 2nd, 2022. All are welcome.

Mar 10
12pm CST

Her Hidden Genius

In honor of Women’s History Month, Marie Benedict will discuss her latest book with AWIS. Her Hidden Genius features Rosalind Franklin, PhD, the x-ray crystallographer who uncovered the helical nature of DNA, and the challenges she faced as a woman in science including family expectations, a sexist work environment, and deteriorating physical health from repeated radiation.

Mar 10
6 – 10pm CST

Gateway 2022

Austin Technology Council is kicking off the first in-person SXSW in two years with its signature Gateway party. Join hundreds of other Austin-area and visiting techies for an evening of networking and all-around fun.

Mar 30
9am CST

BioFest Invest

BioFest Invest is an annual spring event that brings together potential investors from across the nation and Texas bioscience companies seeking investment funding, while sharing best practices, connections, and valuable advice. The day-long event includes relevant speakers and panelists on valuable topics relevant to bioscience companies. Organizations that provide support to bioscience entrepreneurs will also be on-site to provide information.

After a rigorous screening process, invited companies are able to present their pitch decks during the event. Investors are able to view company pitches and connect with company representatives live or virtually after the event. Judges will evaluate the pitches to award a cash prize of $10,000. The cost for companies to present is $150 for members of Bio organizations or $250 for non-members.

Apr 19
8:30am CST

San Antonio Military Medical Industry Day (MMID)

The City of San Antonio, the San Antonio Economic Development Corporation (SAEDC), and VelocityTX are proud to host the Third Military Medical Industry Day on April 19, 2022, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Military Medical Industry Day events are intended to bring together military researcher organizations, industry, academia, non-profit organizations, and other organizations to exchange ideas and enable collaborative medical research and development (R&D), discuss military needs, obtain information on funding opportunities, and enable community commercialization opportunities to address needs and create lifesaving technologies.

Apr 26-28
All Day

The 2022 AMDM Annual IVD Regulatory Meeting and FDA Submissions Workshop Are Going Hybrid

In an effort to allow attendees to participate and engage in our events no matter where they are, the 2022 Annual IVD Regulatory Meeting and FDA Submissions Workshop, will be held at the Bethesda Marriot Hotel, in Bethesda, MD as a hybrid event allowing for in-person or virtual participation. Mark your calenders. Registration will open by March 1.

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Local Life Science Headlines

TechFW’s Nanoscope Therapeutics Announces FDA Clearance of IND for MCO-010 Gene Therapy in Stargardt Patients

Nanoscope Therapeutics Inc. has received IND clearance from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to begin a Phase 2 trial of its Multi-Characteristic Opsin (MCO-010) ambient-light activatable optogenetic monotherapy to restore vision in Stargardt patients.

National News

AI is helping to ease some of pharma’s pandemic pressures

In this overview report of the AI market in pharma, read about how AI-related deals are not just growing in number but also growing in size, while its use-cases are increasingly solving COVID-related challenges

US science no longer leads the world. Here’s how top advisers say the nation should respond

A new data-rich report by the National Science Foundation confirms China has overtaken the United States as the world’s leader in several key scientific metrics, including the overall number of papers published and patents awarded. U.S. scientists also have serious competition from foreign researchers in certain fields, it finds.

COVID at 2 Years: Preparing for a Different ‘Normal’

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States is still breaking records for hospital overcrowding and new cases. The US is logging nearly 800,000 cases a day, hospitals are starting to fray, and deaths in the US have topped 850,000. Schools oscillate from remote to in-person learning, polarizing communities.

Wearable Neuromodulation Device Launched by Teen Siblings

A portable neuromodulation device can put the user in a meditative state with the potential to ease chronic pain, according to its teenage inventors. The Fluxwear Shift pulses electromagnetic energy into the user’s brain, synchronizing neurons in patterns that resemble meditation, said Kamran Ansari, the company’s 16-year-old CEO.

International Industry Interests

How to prepare for ISO 9001 certification

Working towards ISO 9001 certification this year? Download our 7-step guide and get started.

Global Dementia Cases to Triple by 2050 Unless Risk Factors Are Reduced

The number of individuals over 40 with dementia will nearly triple worldwide and double in the United States by 2050 unless steps are taken to address risk factors, new research suggests. Results from a study of 195 countries and territories estimates that by 2050, 153 million people are expected to have dementia worldwide — up from 57 million in 2019.


Become a Presenter for BioFest Invest, Hosted by BioMedSA

After a rigorous screening process, invited companies are able to present their pitch decks during the event. Investors are able to view company pitches and connect with company representatives live or virtually after the event. Judges will evaluate the pitches to award a cash prize of $10,000. The cost for companies to present is $150 for members of Bio organizations or $250 for non-members. This is open to Texas companies only.

Deadline to Apply: February 18, 2022

For more information about the BioFest Invest Program, visit 

5 trends shaping clinical trial regulations in 2022

Staying on top of regulations doesn’t just mean knowing the “hard intel” such as new guidances and rules. It also requires tracking the “soft intel” — or the trends in thinking that could influence the next wave of regulations.

Mapping the RNA therapeutics R&D landscape in 2022

Fuelled by the successful utilisation of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, we report on the latest RNA therapeutics research coming out of academia and industry.

3 Medical Device Security Challenges (and Solutions)

With cyberattacks becoming increasingly common and complex, many industry experts are expressing concerns over the potential security risk for medical devices. Let’s take an in-depth look at three of the biggest challenges for medical device security today, as well as three solutions that may help avoid a cyber catastrophe.

Clinical Trial Insights from 2021

This publication shoes the latest industry thinking in all areas of pharmaceuticals and is essential reading for those who want to thrive while navigating the impact of Covid-19.

Best Practices for an Effective Medical Device Design Transfer Process

All medical devices go through well defined stages in a product’s lifecycle, and it’s critical to have smooth transitions between these stages. One of the most important (and often most difficult) transitions is the transfer from design to manufacturing.

Call for Presenters

The Health Cell, San Antonio’s premier networking and leadership development organization for healthcare and bioscience professionals, is calling for presenter nominations for its annual innovative storytelling event.

The State of the Industry is a once-a-year opportunity to bring your pioneering work, research, product, or company into the spotlight for a broad audience of regional and global leaders.

Thursday, March 24, 2022.

Texas Health Catalyst Application

Attn: Austin area startups & entrepreneurs. Apply to Texas Health Catalyst @ Dell Medical School to receive consulting and customized guidance for your health product idea or discovery. The program is a great starting point for startups looking to explore collaborations with Dell Med clinicians and local healthcare industry mentors. All Austin area companies and entrepreneurs are eligible to apply including UT Austin spinouts. Areas of interest: Therapeutics, Devices, Diagnostics/Research Tools, Digital Health/Software. 


Feb 10
12pm – 3pm CST

AWIS Virtual Career Fair

The Association for Women in Science Virtual Career Fair aims to connect AWIS members and all women in science with employers seeking top talent. This aligns with AWIS’ work toward equal inclusion and advancement of women in science positions at all levels, from early career to senior leadership. 

Biote CEO breaks down barriers in women’s health

Last year, funding for women’s health startups doubled from 2020 to total $1.3 billion, according to a report by Rock Health. This growth was driven partially by increased awareness of women’s health issues, as well as the financial success of several women’s health companies.

Science is clear on COVID-19 vaccine safety in pregnant people

COVID-19 poses a significant health risk to pregnant people and fetuses, but until now little was known about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines because pregnant people were excluded from the first clinical trials. An array of recent scientific studies show COVID-19 vaccines are far less likely than the disease itself to be associated with maternal death, stillbirth and premature delivery, but maternal vaccination rates remain below 50% in the US and are even lower elsewhere

Fallopian Tube Organoids Show How Ovarian Cancer Starts in Women with BRCA1 Mutations

Researchers used stem cells from healthy women and from women with ovarian cancer and BRCA1 gene mutations to develop fallopian tube organoids, which they then used to study high-grade serous cancer, demonstrating that cancerous lesions begin in the fallopian tube linings, says researcher Clive Svendsen. The organoids could be used to test multiple drugs and guide treatment, and the model could improve early detection and prevention strategies, Svendsen says.

University of Texas at Austin Seeking Project Manager

We are seeking an project manager with extensive experience managing clinical studies coupled with an entrepreneurial or product background. The project manager will assist a UT Austin faculty team with testing a digital app-based solution to reduce preventable readmissions in heart failure patients through sensor-based activity tracking and a digital game.

Requirements: Clinical Study Coordinator & Project Manager – Bachelor’s degree with 1 year of relevant experience required OR Associate’s degree required with 3 years of relevant experience OR Master’s degree with no experience. Hands-on research experience or education in psychology, healthcare, communication, social behavioral science, business or related field. Must have entrepreneurial experience. This could be in any role including working with startups, student-led ventures, innovation programs, accelerators/incubators, venture capital or other innovation-related activities. Candidates who have taken entrepreneurial classes will also be considered if they have engaged in experiential learning activities such as working on commercialization plans or creating a pitch for their product.

Global Innovation Lab, UT Austin Seeking a Program Manager

Serve as key team member of the Global Innovation Lab (GIL) in the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement collaborating with peers and supervisors to consider new ways to engage the GIL globally, based on market demands. GIL focuses on capacity building and support for entrepreneurs in their communities to overcome local challenges, create jobs and drive sustainable economic development. GIL is part of the Global Programs & Innovation (GPI) group at Texas Global which works with governments, university and industry to train emerging leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs at UT and around the world.

Advanced Scanners, Inc Seeking Software Engineer II – 3D Scientific Computing/Computer Vision – Medical

We are searching for a talented software engineer to augment our algorithm development team. If you take pride in your work, have excellent analytical skills and innovative thinking, along with coding expertise, then you may be the right person to help us tackle some of the most outstanding challenges in digital surgery using our patented 3D-scanning technology.

Requirements: The right candidate will bring an impressive list of accomplishments or demonstrable skills, preferably with an advanced degree (M.S./Ph.D.) in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Statistics, Data Science, Physics, or equivalent with 4+ years of relevant experience

Alafair Biosciences Seeking Quality Engineer

The Quality Engineer is a key member of the Quality team. The Quality Engineer supports the VP, Quality & Manufacturing in managing and maintaining the Quality Management System and manufacturing needs. The Quality Engineer owns the document control responsibilities as the Document Control Specialist. The Quality Engineer is responsible for managing and maintaining controlled documents and quality records. The Quality Engineer manages the company training system as the Training Manager. The Quality Engineer reports to the VP, Quality & Manufacturing.


  • Bachelor’s degree (B.S.) from four-year college or university
  • Experience in the medical device industry or other regulated industry
  • Experience in a Quality Management System compliant with FDA regulations
  • Experience with document control practices, procedures, and systems
  • Experience with Quality System audits, internal and / or external
  • Experience writing Quality System procedures and / or documents
  • Understanding of the FDA Quality System Regulation requirements
  • Ability to take initiative
  • Ability to follow procedures
  • Attention to detail
  • Learning mindset

Education and Experience – Preferred
• Engineering degree
• Experience with start-up businesses
• Experience with design controls / product development

Attogene Corporation is seeking a Lab Technician

This is a contract position. 


  • Previous experience in a laboratory environment as a Lab Assistant or Junior Lab Tech
  • Familiar with following technologies: Lateral Flow, ELISA, Enzyme assays, PCR, Nucleic Acid isolation, Cell culture

Deadline to apply: March 31

SCIE Solutions LLC

We are looking to partner with med devices companies looking to grow and expand their operations in the Central Texas Region.

SERVICES OFFERED. SCIE Solutions provides end to end operations and supply chain infrastructure to our partners. SCIE Solutions offers a wide range of services enabling our partners to focus their resources on their customers while the SCIE Solutions team manages their operations and global supply chain. Achieving strategic objectives on service levels, risk management, price competitiveness and quality is our focus. Our partners range from bootstrapping startups to regulated aerospace and medical device companies.

Austin Community College

Austin Community College biotechnology or computer science interns are available Email Kathryn Naughton for more information

BioNTX Job Board

Visit Bio North Texas job board for available job posting in the North Texas region.

Career Connections

We equip underserved jobseekers with 21st-century skills and connect them to Digital Marketing careers across the US. With a focus on underserved communities, we amplify the online presence of small businesses, while launching the careers of jobseekers.

The Global Medical Device Job Board

What if, there was a one-stop shop for candidates and companies looking for top medical device opportunities and talent, worldwide Increase your network with more than 150,000 medical device industry professionals to access exclusive top talent and list incredible jobs in the medical device industry. The job board will always be free to job seekers, and hiring companies will receive their first 90 days of unlimited job postings free.


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Aeglea Biotherapeutics

Multiple positions
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Multiple positions
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AMDM IVD Job Board


Multiple Positions
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Austin Technology Council (ATC) Jobs

Babylon Health

Multiple Positions
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Black Diamond Networks

Multiple Positions

Commissioning Agents (CAI)

Multiple Positions

FDA Quality and Regulatory Consultants (FDAQRC)



Multiple Positions
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Molecular Templates

Multiple positions
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Multiple Positions

Skills Alliance

Multiple positions
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Syneos Health

Multiple positions
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Texas Medical Device Alliance (TMDA)

Texas Medical Device Alliance (TMDA) is seeking a Board Member! If interested in supporting your local medtech community join us! We are seeking a hands on member expert in Marketing/Comms/PR. The only requirement is a willingness to support!

Austin Community College Biotechnology

ACC Biotechnology program is looking to increase enrollment and retention in the program through partnerships with alumni. We are looking for ACC Biotech Alumni or Biotech Alumni from another 2-year biotech program to participate in virtual events like speed networking events. We are also looking to document different biotech career pathways to share with students. Contact Cassandra for more information.

Life Science Conferences, LLC

Attend the 3rd Annual Life Science Women’s Conference for free utilizing your talents. Help create an energetic, revitalizing environment for women in the Life Sciences while creating life-changing connections. We’re looking for volunteers to assist with event coverage, event management, logistics, set-up, and more depending on your availability. Contact Steve or Patti for information about volunteering

BioBash 2022 Volunteers Needed

BioAustinCTX seeks volunteers wanting to assist with the first BioBash of 2022. Activities include securing a location, food/drink, check-in, logistics, PR/Comms, etc. All you need is a willingness to support BioAustinCTX!
Event date: 03/03/2022

BioAustinCTX Seeking Grant Writing Volunteers

BioAustinCTX is seeking volunteers to assist with Grant Writing:
• Determines grant proposal concept by identifying and clarifying opportunities and needs, studying requests for grant proposals (RFPs), and attending strategy meetings.
• Prepares grant proposals by determining concept, gathering and formatting information, writing drafts, and finalizing.
• Supported by the BioAustinCTX Board

BioAustinCTX Seeking Volunteers

BioAustinCTX is seeking help with our PR/comms/marketing strategy as our content will increase in 2022. Please complete our volunteer form and indicate what areas you are interested in volunteering in.

UT needs your help

The IC2 Institute is exploring the impact of Dell Medical School (DMS) across Central Texas. We ask members of BioAustinCTX, especially C-level executives, to reach out to Dr. Gregory Pogue if you are willing to participate in a brief focus group and/or provide feedback on your experience with DMS and the impacts it has created. We would like to host the focus group in early December – please let us know your availability and interest. Thank you!

Austin Chamber Talent Ambassador program 

We partner with nearby businesses who offer learning opportunities (guest speakers, internships, apprenticeships, etc.), and connect them to local schools, post-secondary institutions, and those facing barriers to employment.


We are seeking volunteers to help collect and compile data to map the healthcare landscape in Austin. If interested, please fill our volunteer form.


ATX Women in MedTech

[email protected]

Austin Technology Council

Austin Health Tech Meetup

Austin Technology Incubator (ATI)

Beam Founders

BioAustin LinkedIn Group

BioMed San Antonio


Capital City Innovation (CCI)

Central Texas Angel Network

Health Technology Forum Meetup m-Austin/

Bio El Paso-Juarez

Health Wildcatters, Dallas


Austin Chamber of Commerce


Temple Health & Bioscience District (THBD)

Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute (THBI)

Texas Biomedical Research Institute, San Antonio

Texas Health Catalyst

Texas Medical Device Alliance (TMDA)

Texas Medical Device Alliance (TMDA) LinkedIn Group

The Health Cell, San Antonio

TMCX/TMCX+, Houston programs/tmcx-plus/

Top Austin-Area Medical Device Companies

Velocity Texas, San Antonio

Women in Bio-Texas (WIB-TX, Austin & Houston)



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Amy Shepherd, Christine Scheve, Dana Abramovitz, Elisa Maldonado-Holmertz, Gretchen Upton, Joe Skraba, Lance Anderson, Ryan Baird, Sandie Roth, Scott Collins, and Tim Sullivan, on behalf of BioAustin, Texas Medical Device Alliance (TMDA), and Austin Health Technology (AHT)