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Greenlight Guru’s Medical Device Success Platform is the only all-in-one solution that helps you get your products to market faster, with less risk, and advance your success in-market.

The platform helps companies manufacture safer products and get to market faster, simplifies regulatory compliance and provides a single source of truth by connecting the management of all product development, regulatory and quality processes from documentation and design controls to submission and ongoing compliance.

Device makers across the globe are replacing reactive quality management tools and shifting their focus and efforts to ensuring successful product launches and in-market success of innovative, life-changing devices.

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Complete Guide to Bringing a Medical Device to Market

Are you a medical manufacturer looking for guidance on how to plan for a successful product launch? This complete guide walks you through a step by step process to streamline your plan and maintain regulatory compliance across global markets.

Greenlight Guru
Sponsored Webinar
July 8
12pm CDT

ISO 15223-1 4th Edition is Almost Here: How to Update Your Medical Device Labeling to Comply with New Requirements

This free, in-depth webinar is presented by committee member of ISO 15223-1, Leo Eisner, who will cover the latest updates to this standard for medical device symbols on labels, helping participants understand the changes to the 4th Edition and uncover actionable ways to comply with the new requirements.

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July 8
10am CDT

Accelerating Clinical Studies While Reducing Operational Cost

Tune into our Arena-hosted webinar where Vice President, Catalyst Flex Growth Strategy, Betsy Brown, and Senior Vice President, Resourcing Operations, Kathy Bradrick discuss with guest speaker, Maggie Neptune key outsourced staffing strategies needed by mid-tier biopharma and life sciences companies to achieve study success before, during and in the wake of the pandemic while gaining a sponsor’s perspective on the benefits of a flexible resourcing model.

July 14
9am CDT

Modernizing Clinical Trials Using a Virtual Framework: A Scientific Perspective on Endpoint Measurement and Best Practices in Neuroscience

Learn about best practices to support the measurement of your clinical trial endpoints in our educational webinar. Through several diverse perspectives, we will discuss strengths of a patient-centric, decentralized framework as well as considerations for overcoming common scientific and operational challenges in neuroscience trials.

July 15
9am CDT

Combine Operational AI and Risk to make smarter decisions

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to identify your most critical equipment and combine that with a plug-and-play solution for predictive production operations – giving you actionable insights that not only help you identify and prevent imminent events but also create an ideal maintenance strategy for your facilities. 

July 15
9am CDT

Intro to the European Union’s MDR and IVDR

In this webinar, you will get an overview of EU’s Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR), UDI labeling requirements and deadlines. We will also discuss the key differences between the US’s FDA UDI Rule and the EU’s MDR/IVDR. 

July 15
2-4pm CDT

Risk Management True Quality Summit Series

Medical device risk management is not optional – it is a regulatory requirement worldwide. But with today’s medical device regulatory environment changing faster than ever, and the confusion that can come with Risk Management, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. The Risk Management True Quality Summit Series will help quality, regulatory and product development professionals and executives understand and implement risk management concepts that can help meet FDA, ISO 14971, ISO 13485:2016, and the MDR 2017/745 requirements for risk management.
July 15
3-5:30pm CDT

Alberta Life Sciences Showcase

Join BioAlberta and attendees from around the world at Bio Digital for an afternoon of live pitches and virtual networking showcasing the best of what Alberta companies offer. Hear from the Hon. Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation followed by a special presentation by Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology featuring Dr. Michael Houghton and Dr. Lorne Tyrrell plus pitches from our leading companies

August 2
9am CDT

Functional Model Based Risk Analysis

This webinar presents a rigorous and efficient, graphical, model-based, approach to developing and maintaining Product and Process FMEAs that will show your teams the way to ensure that failures aren’t forgotten, causes aren’t missed, and they are all properly guarded against with the appropriate analysis and testing. 
Sept 22 – 23
All Day

BioNTX iC3 Summit 2021 – Reignite!

Launched in 2014, the iC3 Life Science Summit serves as a forum for leaders to discuss strategic issues, exhibit the broad spectrum of North Texas life science products and services, and to network with each other to grow business through collaborative efforts. Register now for this in person event.
Oct 21
2 – 4pm CDT

TMDA Supplier Summit

This summit is tentatively set to meet in person. Discuss medical device marketing with an audience Q&A session. Register today to reserve your spot.

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Local Life Science Headlines

Southlake Biotech OncoNano Medicine Raises $50M in Series B to Accelerate Cancer Tech Toward Commercialization

The investment was led by Advantech Capital, a PE fund based in China that focuses on TMT, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. This combined with the support from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT), which granted OncoNano $9.97 million last year, will support Phase 3 clinical trials for the biotech’s technology that can diagnose and treat cancer with high specificity.

National News

Molecular Genomics Profiling and the Future of Clinical Trials

Precision medicine is becoming a reality with genomic biomarkers that help answer questions about which therapy to choose, who should be given treatment and what dose of drug to use. Learn the potential applications of genomic biomarkers and techniques used to support biomarkers in clinical trials.

Marketing to Zoomers

Pharma needs to gear up for the 2 billion Gen Zers about to enter the marketplace. Learn to appeal this hardworking generation that is about to be vying for your jobs.

Alzheimer’s Drug Is Bonanza for Biogen, Most Likely at Taxpayer Expense

The Food and Drug Administration’s decision on Monday to approve a new Alzheimer’s medication over the fierce objections of its scientific advisers sets into motion one of the most controversial drug introductions in years. For its manufacturer, Biogen, the new drug is poised to be a blockbuster. For just about everyone else, it is likely to further inflate high U.S. health care costs.

See follow-up article Biogen’s $300M bet on Alzheimer’s tau drug snapped up from Bristol Myers flames out in phase 2

What it Means to be Focused on Quality vs. Compliance

Would you describe your company as quality focused? For many, the answer is that they’re more focused on compliance. Don’t get me wrong, compliance is still important, but many companies are missing the mark when it comes to the regulations.

International Industry Interests

New Amendments in the Regulation of Medical Devices in Mexico

Last May the 31st 2021, the Ministry of Health in Mexico released an update to the Health Supplies Regulation. There are several amendments impacting different health supplies and in this document we will present a summary for those affecting Medical Devices.

How to Manage QMS Changes Regarding EU MDR, IVDR & ISO 13485:2016

Without an understanding of certain regulatory changes and how they impact your business, it can be easy to be out of compliance without even knowing it. This 5,000+ word ebook provides an in-depth analysis of some of the major changes happening in the industry, and offers some recommendations for you to consider when managing these changes.

The Definitive Guide to ISO 14971:2019 Risk Management for Medical Devices

When it comes to managing medical device risk, it’s imperative you’re using the most up to date risk-based best practices and methods. And we have a resource tailored to fit all of your medical device risk management needs: The Definitive Guide to ISO 14971:2019 is a 12 chapter guide that walks you through every step and recommended process from the latest version of the standard.


Texas Health Catalyst Application

Attn: Austin area startups & entrepreneurs. Apply to Texas Health Catalyst @ Dell Medical School to receive consulting and customized guidance for your health product idea or discovery. The program is a great starting point for startups looking to explore collaborations with Dell Med clinicians and local healthcare industry mentors. All Austin area companies and entrepreneurs are eligible to apply including UT Austin spinouts. Areas of interest: Therapeutics, Devices, Diagnostics/Research Tools, Digital Health/Software.


Call for Presenters

The Health Cell, San Antonio’s premier networking and leadership development organization for healthcare and bioscience professionals, is calling for presenter nominations for its annual innovative storytelling event.

The State of the Industry is a once-a-year opportunity to bring your pioneering work, research, product, or company into the spotlight for a broad audience of regional and global leaders.

There are 2 upcoming dates: Tuesday, October 5, 2021 and Thursday, March 24, 2022.

Tips to Make Your Company More Investable

Acquiring adequate investment capital during the startup process is critical. In order to reach that wonderful day when you are revenue positive and self-sustaining, you have to make it through the “valley of death,” that famous period between initial “seed” or “family & friends” funding and adequate capitalization to reach positive cash flow. Here are a few tips from the founder of Boulder IQ. 

The Risk Landscape: How Medical Device Companies Struggle to Define, Assess, and Manage Risk

Greenlight Guru just published their 2021 Risk Management Benchmark Report based on their latest original research study. Dive into the data to uncover findings that shed light on the industry’s risk landscape. Discover how best-in-class organizations are overcoming the major hurdles affecting medical device companies. 


July 12 & 13
11am – 4:15pm

2021 Gender Equity Summit

Through a series of interactive online gender equity discussions led by NPA and partner organizations, raise and seek paths forward on barriers in the postdoctoral community toward gender equality, recognizing that women and gender-diverse people do not start in the same position as men.

Sept 20 – 21
All Day

2021 International Life Science Women’s Conference

The Life Science Women’s Conference (LSWC) creates an environment where women working or desiring to work in all areas of life science companies and academia can gather to network and collaborate with other women with regard to entrepreneurship, professional development, inspiration, funding, career enhancement, scientific and technical updates.

Local Women in STEM; Issues, Solutions, Advice

Microaggressions pose one of the greatest challenges to women in STEM, says research fisheries biologist Brooke Penaluna, who notes that while she and her husband both have doctorates, she is addressed by her first name and her spouse is addressed as doctor. Child care is also treated differently by employers of mothers than of fathers, says Penaluna, who stresses that STEM benefits from being inclusive of parents as well as people of varied ethnic backgrounds.

Documentary: Women who don’t fit the STEM stereotype

“Not the Science Type,” a 4-part documentary streaming on Apple TV and Google Play, features microbiologist Jessica Taaffe, chemical engineer Jayshree Seth, nuclear engineer Ciara Sivels, and 15-year-old inventor Gitanjali Rao. The women have followed different paths to success in male-dominated fields, and the series explores the negative effects of stereotypes on STEM diversity, equity and inclusion.

How One Biotech Company Narrowed the Gender Gap in Its Top Ranks

Beginning in 2007, Genentech has been making a concerted effort to increase the representation of women in its senior leadership ranks. It has made tremendous progress. The four lessons from its success are: 1) Data drives the process; 2) everyone is accountable; 3) small actions add up; and 4) if you can’t prove it, it didn’t happen. Making significant change requires shifts in behaviors, perspectives, and processes, and that takes time.


CTN is currently searching for a dynamic, passionate, and collaborative Executive Managing Director to co-lead the organization at a pivotal point in its history. This is a fantastic opportunity for a results-oriented and inspiring leader to work alongside the founder/executive national director of CTN. This person will support our organization as we seek to strengthen infrastructure, deepen existing relationships, and put in place the systems, procedures, and policies needed to support a rapid expansion of programs and services.

For further details, read the full job description. To apply, please send a cover letter as an email to and attach a resume. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Help us find the perfect fit!

Career Connections

We equip underserved jobseekers with 21st-century skills and connect them to Digital Marketing careers across the US. With a focus on underserved communities, we amplify the online presence of small businesses, while launching the careers of jobseekers.

The Global Medical Device Job Board

What if, there was a one-stop shop for candidates and companies looking for top medical device opportunities and talent, worldwide Increase your network with more than 150,000 medical device industry professionals to access exclusive top talent and list incredible jobs in the medical device industry. The job board will always be free to job seekers, and hiring companies will receive their first 90 days of unlimited job postings free.


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Austin Chamber Talent Ambassador program 

We partner with nearby businesses who offer learning opportunities (guest speakers, internships, apprenticeships, etc.), and connect them to local schools, post-secondary institutions, and those facing barriers to employment.


We are seeking volunteers to help collect and compile data to map the healthcare landscape in Austin. If interested, please reach out to Scott Collins 


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