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TMDA MedTech Supplier Summit:

Market Place Solutions from Bench to Bedside

February 17, 2022 from 2pm – 5pm CDT
Note: If you are a supplier, pls contact

BioAustinCTX Webinar

If you missed our webinar “How Your Life Science Organization can Survive and Thrive the Chaos and Complexity of Cybersecurity”, you can access the recording here.

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MedScout is a revenue acceleration platform for life science companies. We help small to growth-stage go-to-market teams identify, qualify, and close prospects utilizing the industry’s first tailor-built territory management platform.

To help characterize how we work with sales and marketing teams, we’ve included a testimonial from a current customer.

“Since the Interventional Pulmonology subspecialty is relatively new, and therefore a straightforward board-certification isn’t going to help us qualify potential treating physicians, MedScout is crucial — I can get a sense of whether or not a physician would even want to learn about my procedure based on his/her prescription volume, and have a decent idea of whether that doctor should be considered as a treating physician or referring physician based upon what procedures they currently perform (and at what volume/frequency). Finally, the ability to stack rank which offices to schedule appointments with based upon actual opportunity is priceless– I no longer waste time cold-calling random offices, or scheduling appointments with a target physician, only to learn that he/she has never done an interventional procedure.”
– Ashley Brand, Territory Manager, California


We’ve just recently joined the TMDA community and would love to get to know other members. We learn a ton every time we connect with executives and/or sales + marketing leaders. If you’re interested in learning more or providing some perspective, please reach out today to CEO and Co-Founder Skylar Talley.


Dec 1
1 pm CST

HTT Virtual Meeting – University Health System

Hospital at Home is an innovative program being implemented in major medical systems across the country.  UH is one.  The program offers the best of all worlds.

Dec 2
9 am CST

Are you Truly Overcoming Packaging Issues: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle?

Environmental issues are now obvious to everyone. Industry players must rethink their packaging, making it lighter, more recyclable, and reusable. But new regulations and consumer demands regarding packaging can quickly become a constraint for companies. Effective packaging strategy has become a priority for the retail industry as the need to reduce, reuse and recycle has skyrocketed.

Dec 2
10 am CST

BioTexas Cafe: 50th Anniversary of the War on Cancer

Over the last 50 years, great strides have been made in the fight against cancer, but we still have a long way to go. New technologies, such as MCED, are game changers in the war against cancer and THBI, along with our partners in the cancer advocacy community, are eager to share why we consider these technologies crucial in reducing the burden of cancer among Texans.

Dec 6
12 pm CST

Leveraging Bioanalysis to Accelerate Drug Development Programs: Challenges and Considerations

From drug discovery, through to preclinical and clinical studies, understanding drug exposure and behaviour are imperative to dose selection, and accelerating drugs to clinic and commercialization. Bioanalysis is an integral part of the drug development process, particularly in early development where it is used to support preclinical and FIH studies to determine metabolic fate and pharmacokinetics of the drug.

Dec 8
7:30 am CST

The Pulse Breakfast – Christopher Crow, MD

The December meeting of the Healthcare Innovation Breakfast series is excited to Dr. Christopher Crow of StratiFi Health and President of Catalyst Health Network, is a nationally recognized healthcare innovator. Dr. Crow was named Healthcare Innovator of the Year by D CEO Magazine, awarded TAFP Presidential Award of Merit, and Dallas 500 Most Powerful Leaders in North Texas. Additionally, Dr. Crow has been named a finalist for the 2019 & 2020 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Southwest.

Dec 8
10 am CST

Optimizing Your Clinical to Commercial Journey

During this webinar you will learn key areas of planning that can shave months off the timeline of your project. Package development, design & testing is crucial and choosing the right partner is going to play a major role in your launch execution. Your logistics strategy is often an afterthought in the grand scheme of your project, but our experts will identify common challenges in this area that you may want to bring top of mind to mitigate risk, no matter the geography. This webinar will also outline when to start factoring in environmental conditions like cold storage and distribution, tooling costs, risk assessments and supply chain management throughout your Phase II/III trials. 

Dec 9
9 am CST

6 Steps to Avoid Medical Device Shipping Fiascos

In this webinar, Mercury will be discussing 6 steps to avoid medical device shipping fiascos. We’ll discuss key differences when shipping from a manufacturer, warehouse or your office.

Jan 24
8 am CST

Creating Analytics for Business Improvement

Through the use of curated, cleaned, enhanced and analyzed data, our clients are enabled to make business decisions by taking a continuous improvement approach. This creates a workflow process that allows them to take better care of their patients, while also presenting an enhanced work environment for their employees. We’ll be presenting success stories and thoughtful insights on the ongoing changes in the industry,  how the better use of data can improve patient care, drive performance improvement, and increase revenue.

Feb 17, 2022
2 – 5pm CST

TMDA MedTech Supplier Summit: Market Place Solutions from Bench to Bedside

We are inviting suppliers/vendors providing products/services across the entire medical device life cycle to participate in the TMDA Supplier Summit. TMDA industry participants and attendees are typically start-ups and small to medium size medical device manufacturers. Suppliers/Vendors may include, but are not limited to: device designers, validation testing labs, human factors testing, prototypers, contract manufacturers, regulatory consultants, quality consultants, etc. All suppliers and those seeking suppliers welcome!

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Local Life Science Headlines

IMPACT Lab at ACC Announces Soft Opening

The IMPACT Lab at Austin Community College is pleased to announce our soft opening, targeted at expanding our partnerships through the Austin Technology Incubator at The University of Texas at Austin.  The Innovative Manufacturing Partnerships Accelerating Central Texas (IMPACT) Lab is a manufacturing incubator whose mission is to help entrepreneurs and startups develop and iterate the physical prototypes they need to bring new products to market and launch new manufacturing businesses in central Texas.

Local COVID-19 research group secures FDA approval to start clinical trials

In late September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the group’s research for clinical trials. And though the journey will stretch longer still — the group needs local hospitals’ institutional review boards to approve its research, hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of funding and, ultimately, for the trials to help patients heal — the September milestone is a victory for innovation and Fort Worth, Sathyamoorthy said. 

National News

Technology Solutions: A Technology-Based Industry

From clinical research to regulatory processes to manufacturing and beyond, technology is now well-entrenched in every part of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pulse Report: Decentralized Clinical Trials

Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), one of the hottest areas of discussion today, offer a more patient-centric approach to clinical trials. With the DCT market ready to explode to an estimated value of $1.63 billion by 2027, according to Precision Reports, a CAGR of 14.8% during the 2021-2027 time period, we invited several industry experts to provide their insights on this burgeoning industry sector.

Big issues, nano solutions

Proteins and peptides have come a long way since their medicinal potential was first realised, and yet oral delivery still faces age-old challenges. Andrew Tunnicliffe speaks with Professor David Brayden from University College Dublin, who uses nanotechnology to try to solve this problem, about some of the methods currently being researched with the aim of making oral delivery a reality.

International Industry Interests

Ultimate List of ISO Standards for Medical Devices

While ISO standards do not have the force of law, they are essential guides for medical device and in vitro diagnostic device companies. This inspired us to create a comprehensive list of the 50 most searched for and widely applicable ISO standards for medical devices.

VietNam Releases New Medical Device Regulations

Exciting regulatory changes coming on January 1, 2022 will make VietNam more accessible than expected for most medical and diagnostic devices and make it more attractive for companies to launch the new products, develop its presence in the market, and grow further.

Denmark’s Novo Nordisk to buy Dicerna Pharma for $3.3 billion

Novo Nordisk has accelerated its RNAi research and the use of RNAi technology by acquiring  Dicerna this week in a $3.3 billion cash deal. The two companies have been in an alliance since 2019, working on discovering candidates to treat chronic liver disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), Type 2 diabetes, obesity, rare diseases, and other chronic diseases. Novo Nordisk expects the clinical development of the first investigational therapeutic to emerge from this collaboration in 2022.


CPRIT Releases Three Product Development Research Funding Opportunities

CPRIT invests in startup and early-stage companies in Texas (and those willing to relocate to Texas) to foster development of novel cancer therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, tools and other non-traditional oncology products.  Details on CPRIT’s available Product Development Research grant funding opportunities for cancer-focused companies can be found below.

CPRIT has announced the release of three (3) Requests for Applications (RFAs) for cancer Product Development Research grants.

FY 2022.2 Product Development RFAs:

  • Texas Company Product Development Research Awards (TXCO)
  • Company Relocation Product Development Research Awards (RELCO)
  • Seed Awards for Product Development Research (SEED)

The application period for the TXCO, RELCO and SEED funding opportunities is December 1, 2021, through January 26, 2022.  Complete RFAs detailing deadlines, requirements and instructions are available in the Funding Opportunities section of CPRIT’s website

Engineering Change Order: The Role it Plays in the Change Management Process

Successful medical device companies spend time developing an effective change management process, so that when the need for a change inevitably arises they’re able to review, approve, and document changes without unnecessary delays. Learn about one specific component of change management that can make or break your process: the engineering change order.

7 Project Management Tips

Read this week’s featured blog post to learn seven actionable tips from Greenlight Guru founder Jon Speer who once was in your shoes and overcame these safe obstacles you’re facing to effectively manage product development projects.

How to Approach Corrective Action Requests with Medical Device Suppliers

For medical devices, correcting mistakes means more than what meets the eye. We’re not only undoing a wrong in a particular instance, we also are preventing similar mistakes from occurring again. Read this week’s featured blog post as we explain how this is put into practice and leave you with some actionable tips on how to approach corrective action requests with your external suppliers.

Call for Presenters

The Health Cell, San Antonio’s premier networking and leadership development organization for healthcare and bioscience professionals, is calling for presenter nominations for its annual innovative storytelling event.

The State of the Industry is a once-a-year opportunity to bring your pioneering work, research, product, or company into the spotlight for a broad audience of regional and global leaders.

Thursday, March 24, 2022.

Texas Health Catalyst Application

Attn: Austin area startups & entrepreneurs. Apply to Texas Health Catalyst @ Dell Medical School to receive consulting and customized guidance for your health product idea or discovery. The program is a great starting point for startups looking to explore collaborations with Dell Med clinicians and local healthcare industry mentors. All Austin area companies and entrepreneurs are eligible to apply including UT Austin spinouts. Areas of interest: Therapeutics, Devices, Diagnostics/Research Tools, Digital Health/Software. 


Women who are leaders across an array of disciplines, from politics to tech to deep-sea and space exploration — and more — share their experiences, their challenges and their advice.

L’Oréal USA Announces 2021 For Women In Science Fellows

L’Oreal USA announced the recipients of its 2021 For Women in Science Fellowship, an annual program that awards five female postdoctoral scientists $60,000 grants to advance their research. This year’s Fellows conduct research in the areas of neurobiology, microbiology and biogeochemistry, physics and materials chemistry. In addition to grant funding, Fellows receive mentorship, career coaching and recognition.

Higher total bone density may reduce odds for CVD in women

Women with a bone mineral density greater than 1.085 g/cm2 may have less risk for cardiovascular disease than those with a lower BMD, according to study data published in Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases.

Celebrating Pioneering Women In Science

Despite severe gender bias, these bold and brilliant women paved the way for future generations. Help us share their accomplishments so they too can be household names like Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking. Be sure to check back later, we will continue to add to this list. 

Pattern Bioscience

Pattern is looking for a passionate Lead Chemist to join our team. In this role, you will own development and implementation for all chemistries that contribute to emulsion stability including surface treatment, surfactant, and continuous phase. You’ll work closely with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers to produce a critical component of our system. We are seeking a talented individual who will embrace our mission and flourish in a dynamic, rigorous, and entrepreneurial environment.


* Ph.D. in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, or a related discipline, required
* Minimum of 5 years of hands-on laboratory research-based experience in chemistry, materials science, or surface science, industry experience a plus.
* Possess a strong understanding of synthesizing, purifying, and characterizing fluoropolymer surfactants
* Communicate effectively across technical disciplines and development roles.
* Have experience with surfactant purification and analytical chemistry techniques.
* Enjoy working hard to solve difficult problems with a drive to innovate.
* Are passionate about multi-disciplinary product development and collaboration.
* Practice continuous learning and thoughtful curiosity.
* Excel with data analysis and critical thinking with an eye for experimental detail.

Most of all, we value individuals who are excellent communicators with relentless initiative, accountability, and the ability to breakdown a problem into its fundamental components to devise rational solutions.

Deadline to apply: 12/17/2021

SCIE Solutions LLC

We are looking to partner with med devices companies looking to grow and expand their operations in the Central Texas Region.

SERVICES OFFERED. SCIE Solutions provides end to end operations and supply chain infrastructure to our partners. SCIE Solutions offers a wide range of services enabling our partners to focus their resources on their customers while the SCIE Solutions team manages their operations and global supply chain. Achieving strategic objectives on service levels, risk management, price competitiveness and quality is our focus. Our partners range from bootstrapping startups to regulated aerospace and medical device companies.

Professional seeking employment in biotechnology, life sciences or medical device field

I am a life sciences/biotechnology/medical device enthusiast with both consulting and industry background. Following are my credentials/experience level:
-Received MPH (Master of Public Health) and MBA degrees from Johns Hopkins University in 2020
-Interned at a pharmaceutical company (Regeneron) for 4 months (customer insights and marketing strategy)
-Worked at a healthcare strategy consulting firm (Sage Growth Partners) for a year, helping clients assess various markets and provide commercial strategies
-Worked at a biotech/life sciences strategy consulting firm (Syneos Health Consulting) for 7 months, helping clients assess their pre-clinical & clinical assets + markets and assist in US launches
-Worked at NIH for 3 years, managing multiple research portfolios and bridging external stakeholders including international government officials and scientific communities

Currently looking for opportunities in biotechnology / life sciences / medical device in the following functions:
-Market Research / Customer Insights
-Marketing Strategy and Management
-Launch Strategy and Implementation
-General program/project management

BioNTX Job Board

Visit Bio North Texas job board for available job posting in the North Texas region.

Career Connections

We equip underserved jobseekers with 21st-century skills and connect them to Digital Marketing careers across the US. With a focus on underserved communities, we amplify the online presence of small businesses, while launching the careers of jobseekers.

The Global Medical Device Job Board

What if, there was a one-stop shop for candidates and companies looking for top medical device opportunities and talent, worldwide Increase your network with more than 150,000 medical device industry professionals to access exclusive top talent and list incredible jobs in the medical device industry. The job board will always be free to job seekers, and hiring companies will receive their first 90 days of unlimited job postings free.


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UT needs your help

The IC2 Institute is exploring the impact of Dell Medical School (DMS) across Central Texas. We ask members of BioAustinCTX, especially C-level executives, to reach out to Dr. Gregory Pogue if you are willing to participate in a brief focus group and/or provide feedback on your experience with DMS and the impacts it has created. We would like to host the focus group in early December – please let us know your availability and interest. Thank you!

Austin Chamber Talent Ambassador program 

We partner with nearby businesses who offer learning opportunities (guest speakers, internships, apprenticeships, etc.), and connect them to local schools, post-secondary institutions, and those facing barriers to employment.


We are seeking volunteers to help collect and compile data to map the healthcare landscape in Austin. If interested, please fill our volunteer form.


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