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Nucleate Texas Activator Program Showcase

Nucleate Texas Final Pitch Showcase
Date: Friday May 17th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Highpointe 2222; 6801 River Pl Blvd, Austin, TX 78726

The annual Nucleate Texas Activator Program concludes with our Final Pitch Showcase! We invite you and your community to the Nucleate Texas Final Pitch Showcase at the Highpoint Innovation Center in Austin, TX! Join us as we celebrate the semi-final winning, founder-led, biotech ventures from teams in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Nucleate is a graduate trainee-led nonprofit organization committed to empowering life science startups. The Final Pitch Showcase will feature graduate-student-led teams working on pioneering projects in platform discoveries, diagnostics, and therapeutics from research institutions and universities across the state of Texas. This is a unique opportunity to witness the next generation of biotech leaders and learn about their groundbreaking technologies.

The in-person Showcase event promises to be a thrilling evening, highlighting innovative projects in life sciences from the top biomedical institutions in the state. We look forward to highlighting several of our community sponsors and partners throughout the event, and will end the festivities with a networking happy-hour sponsored by Highpoint Innovation Center and the Karlin Real Estate team.


Local Events

May 1
9AM – 12PM

“Steer” Clear of Legal Lassos

Join Gardner Law for a half-day CLE event in person at the Capital Factory in Austin, TX or attend virtually. Prepare for the regulatory rodeo with confidence by learning how to navigate regulatory, compliance, and privacy challenges in the FDA-regulated industry. Learn from transactional and litigation attorneys, sharpen your risk management strategies, and stay ahead of enforcement trends. This concise half-day program will deliver Texas-sized content and actionable insights, ending with an engaging Q&A session with industry leaders.

May 2
6 PM

Nucleate Austin Activator Semi-Final Pitch Showcase

Join Nucleate Austin and the ACC Bioscience Incubator for the semi-final pitch showcase for the 2023-24 Activator program.

The semi-final pitch showcase will feature pitches from founder-led biotech ventures emerging from the 2023-24 Nucleate Texas Activator working on pioneering projects in platform discoveries, diagnostics, and therapeutics. This is a unique opportunity to witness the next generation of biotech leaders and learn about their groundbreaking technologies.

May 7
4-7 PM

Texas Air Products Open House

Texas Air Products will be hosting their annual open house event on May 7th, from 4 – 7 pm. Over 30 manufacturers of HVAC products will be represented at this event which features a trade show, product displays, games, live music and BBQ.

May 17
12-5 PM

Nucleate Texas Final Pitch Showcase

The in-person Showcase event promises to be a thrilling evening, highlighting innovative projects in life sciences from the top biomedical institutions in the state. We look forward to highlighting several of our community sponsors and partners throughout the event, and will end the festivities with a networking happy-hour sponsored by Highpoint Innovation Center and the Karlin Real Estate team.

May 31
8-9 AM

Technology Advisors Group

On May 31st at 0800 we will have a top executive of a provider of a human like “chat” between doctor’s office and patient as an example of what their service does. Input for the session will be about a “first” app where the platform’s AI performs a dialog with the practice’ client. Many other kinds of dialogs can be provided for communications between the doctor, patient,and staff.

June 10-13
All Day

A Biocompatibility of Medical Devices – 2 Day Course Certification

This course is structured to tackle each of these challenges and provide hands-on experiential learning. It is designed for those who require a working knowledge of biocompatibility or are looking to update and sharpen their skills. Participants can expect to learn how to use standards to establish a biological safety evaluation plan, as well as how to document and implement their plan. Use of material/chemical characterization and risk assessment will be highlighted, as will real-world exercises to practice evaluating biological risk. 

June 21
5 PM

Startup Prize: Focus on Health – In Person Qualifying Event

Startup Prize: Focus on Health is a national entrepreneurial competition for early stage health-focused startups. We connect entrepreneurs with mentors, resources and investors at zero cost and zero equity to the founder for a chance to battle test their concepts and walk away with $10,000 in non-dilutive funding and other potential investment.

Startups must attend a qualifying event to be considered for the finals. The in person qualifying event happens in Shreveport, LA June 21-23.

Nov 6
8:30 AM

IBE Entrepreneurship Program

The IBE Entrepreneurship Program has been helping entrepreneurs advance their ideas since 2016. This five day experiential learning program combines classroom work with 1:1 advising sessions to refine your pitch with the last day dedicated to pitching your project to a panel of investors. The program also provides a behavioral assessment and personalized feedback session to advance your skills as a leader.

Webinars & Virtual Events

May 16
10-11 AM

The Impact of Shifting Site of Care on Clinical Research: A Vascular Office-Based Laboratory Approach

Join us for a compelling panel discussion on the shift of vascular procedures to outpatient settings and the untapped potential of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) and Office-Based Laboratories (OBL) in clinical research. Moderated by Dr. Kenneth Ouriel, this session will delve into the benefits and challenges of integrating clinical trials into these facilities, with insights from industry leaders. Learn how this evolution can improve patient care and access to cutting-edge treatments.


Gensler Dialogue Blog | Using an “All-Spokes” Approach to Optimize Lab Space

Lab spaces have many variables to consider when it comes to space optimization. It is the nexus of space, people, process, operations, equipment, and technology.

The linked blog explores how life sciences and pharmaceutical companies can optimize their spaces with an “all-spokes” approach.

Ultimate Guide to Clinical Data Management in MedTech

And while the clinical trial itself is extremely important, the way that a sponsor collects and manages the data the trial generates is often just as crucial. Because clinical data management is more than just rows and columns—it’s the overall process of collecting and managing research data to produce high-quality information and reliable results in compliance with local regulations and good clinical practice.

Without good clinical data management, the data from clinical trials may not accurately convey the outcomes of studies and/or the data may not be usable in the eyes of regulatory agencies.

In this guide, we’re going to cover the entire spectrum of clinical data management: how clinical data is collected, best practices for managing it in a compliant manner— as well as pitfalls to avoid—and the tools and resources available to help you in your clinical operations.

Scorpius BioManufacturing Seeking Microbiology Manager

The Microbiology Manager is also responsible for the development, implementation, and compliance of activities in the microbiology laboratory area to meet production goals, quality, and cost objectives.This position plays a lead role within Scorpius’ GMP process, works closely across Scorpius Quality, Manufacturing and Process Sciences.

The Microbiology Manager will be expected to have extensive knowledge and experience in developing and implementing contamination control methodologies in pharmaceutical or biological industries.

Deadline to apply: 5/1/24

Scorpius BioManufacturing with Various Openings

Scorpius BioManufacturing is growing rapidly and is adding to our manufacturing, facilities, quality, process development, and analytical teams. Scorpius is located in the thriving biotech and life sciences hub of San Antonio, Texas.

We have a variety of positions open from entry-level to senior staff. Please see the job descriptions on LinkedIn for additional information.

Deadline to apply: 5/31/24

BioNTX Job Board

Visit Bio North Texas job board for available job posting in the North Texas region.

Career Connections

We equip underserved jobseekers with 21st-century skills and connect them to Digital Marketing careers across the US. With a focus on underserved communities, we amplify the online presence of small businesses, while launching the careers of jobseekers.

The Global Medical Device Job Board

What if, there was a one-stop shop for candidates and companies looking for top medical device opportunities and talent, worldwide Increase your network with more than 150,000 medical device industry professionals to access exclusive top talent and list incredible jobs in the medical device industry. The job board will always be free to job seekers, and hiring companies will receive their first 90 days of unlimited job postings free.


STEM Muse Seeking Mentors

STEM Muse is a mentorship network designed to support women and people with genders underrepresented in STEM. We offer undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and research staff the opportunity for one-on-one mentorship from academic and industry leaders.

We are seeking mentors who are professionals with a STEM education or people currently in a STEM-related career: undergraduate students in their 3rd year or later, grad students, postdocs, research staff, faculty, and professionals from industry. We welcome mentors of any gender, and being local/in Austin is not required.

The 6-month Fall 2024 program includes:

-A flexible, low-commitment meeting schedule: pairs meet once per month for 6 months at your convenience and in the format of your choosing (in person or virtually).
-Optimized matching: mentees select their mentors, improving everyone’s experience
-Opportunities to be mentored by and network with industry professionals
-Training, email drafts, and conversation guides to ensure smooth interactions and discussions relevant to the mentee’s career journey
-Hybrid networking and professional development-oriented events

For more information and to sign up, visit

BioAustinCTX Seeking Grant Writing Volunteers

BioAustinCTX is seeking volunteers to assist with Grant Writing:
• Determines grant proposal concept by identifying and clarifying opportunities and needs, studying requests for grant proposals (RFPs), and attending strategy meetings.
• Prepares grant proposals by determining concept, gathering and formatting information, writing drafts, and finalizing.
• Supported by the BioAustinCTX Board

BioAustinCTX Seeking Volunteers

BioAustinCTX is seeking help with our PR/comms/marketing strategy as our content will increase in 2022. Please complete our volunteer form and indicate what areas you are interested in volunteering in.

Austin Chamber Talent Ambassador program 

We partner with nearby businesses who offer learning opportunities (guest speakers, internships, apprenticeships, etc.), and connect them to local schools, post-secondary institutions, and those facing barriers to employment.


We are seeking volunteers to help collect and compile data to map the healthcare landscape in Austin. If interested, please fill our volunteer form.



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