AUSTIN, TX – 03 June 2021 – Life Science industry organization BioAustin today announced
changes to its leadership team, brand positioning, and long-term strategy focused on facilitating the
continued growth of the life science industry in Central Texas. Over the past several years, Austin and the
Central Texas region have developed into one of the fastest-growing life science hubs in the U.S. With
more than 240 companies and a variety of nonprofit community ecosystem organizations involved in the
life science sector, the Central Texas Region has emerged as a significant life science innovation center and
is attracting investment for early-stage startups and relocations for established companies.

BioAustinCTX is undertaking new initiatives to identify and facilitate programs to support the continued
growth of the life science industry in the Central Texas region. This evolving strategy will encompass new
programs to build collaboration, communication, and growth across companies, community partners, and
academic institutions focused on the life science sector. Steps taken in the first six months include changes
in Board leadership, repositioning the organization as BioAustinCTX with a broader focus across the Central
Texas region, restructuring internal operations to improve efficiency, and the launch of a redesigned
monthly newsletter and new website ( Over the next year, BioAustinCTX
will be rolling out new programs including the relaunch of its vaunted “BioBash” life sciences networking

John Burns Ph.D. and Mary Costello have stepped down from the BioAustin Board as of the end of 2020.
Their time, commitment, and contributions over the past several years are greatly appreciated. Elisa
Maldonado-Holmertz has served on the BioAustin Board of Directors since 2017 and will continue to serve
on the BioAustinCTX Board. Elisa also serves on the Board of Directors of the Texas Medical Device
Alliance. Scott Collins PhD, CEO of Austin Innovation Group, was appointed as President of BioAustinCTX.
Scott stated,” I will lead the organization with the expertise and guidance of the Board of Directors and
through collaborations with our community partners, including THBI, TEXGHS, ACC, UT-Dell Medical School,
Austin Chamber of Commerce, Austin Health Council, THBD, Texas Health CoLab, ACC Bioscience Incubator,
Texas State Star Park, the Austin Technology Incubator and our members.”

Newly appointed to BioAustinCTX Board of Directors as of January 2021 is Timothy Sullivan. Timothy is CEO
of Zeteo Biomedical LLC, a Pflugerville, TX-based medical device company. Timothy has a long history of
supporting the development of the life science industry in Central Texas over the past two decades.
Timothy currently serves as an Advisor to the UT Dell Medical School Catalyst program, the ACC Bioscience
Incubator, and is a founding member of the TEXGHS Global Health Security Consortium. Further expansion
of the BioAustinCTX board is likely in the coming year.

Additionally, Cathy Diehl and Melissa Hartman joined the BioAustinCTX operations staff. Cathy took the
lead position managing the new BioAustinCTX website and monthly newsletter production, and Melissa
manages the back office accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

About BioAustinCTX – BioAustinCTX is a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas focused on advancing the life science industry
in the Central Texas Region. Visit BioAustinCTX for more information